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Using cow teeth to make human teeth?

whatever you put in the body that is not your own live tissue, it rejects it and builds up antibodies to it. that is why bone grafts made from bovine and pigs or dead human bone doesn%26#039;t work well and doesn%26#039;t last indefinitely. it is also why dental implants are said to last only 15 years or so and why breast implants have to be changed every 10 yrs. the body encapsulates things that are foreign, keeping it apart from the rest of the body to avoid infection and poisoning. in the case with dental impants and such, the bone grows around the area, but later, because of antibodies the body makes, it pulls away.

but, they are trying to make teeth from our own teeth and have been working on this for years.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Regrowing Teeth

Researchers are finding ways to use stem cells to regrow teeth--a potentially easier and healthier alternative to dentures and dental implants.

By Jennifer Chu

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the average American will lose about eight teeth by the time he or she turns 50. Common replacements include dentures, which have been known to erode the underlying bone over time, and dental implants, which are prone to falling out after several years%26#039; use. Thus, the ability to regrow a natural tooth, with the accompanying bone, root, and nerves, could provide a significantly healthier alternative for many.

Recently, a Japanese team from the Tokyo University of Science, led by associate professor Takashi Tsuji, reported in Nature Methods that it had successfully regrown a tooth from cells extracted from mouse embryos. The researchers were able to transplant the tooth into an adult mouse, and the tooth bud continued to grow to full size.

Teeth in mice, much like those in humans, form during embryonic development from two major cell types: epithelial and mesenchymal. Epithelial cells give rise to the outer enamel, while mesenchymal cells form a tooth%26#039;s inner connective tissue and blood vessels. Takashi%26#039;s team isolated both kinds of cells from multiple mouse embryos, then transferred them to a collagen gel culture, in which the cells interacted to form a tooth bud. Researchers then transplanted the bud into the liver of an adult mouse, where the increased blood supply aided further tooth formation. Finally, Takashi inserted the tooth into an empty cavity within the mouse%26#039;s mouth, in which it grew to full size.

Whether the technique will be practical for regrowing teeth is uncertain. Paul Sharpe, head of the Craniofacial Development Department at King%26#039;s College, in London, doubts that the technique will be useful for humans, particularly since the Tokyo team used embryonic cells, which are difficult to obtain in large numbers and may be rejected as a foreign substance when transplanted into a human adult.

A better approach, Sharpe suggests, may be to use adult stem cells, which can be obtained from a patient%26#039;s hair, skin, or other tissue; manipulated with the right molecular cues to form any kind of tissue; then transplanted back into the same person with less rejection problems.. Sharpe%26#039;s lab is looking for adult stem cells, including those found in bone marrow and dental gum, as possible candidates for regrowing teeth. So far, he and his colleagues have had success with bone-marrow stem cells, forming teeth and transplanting them into mouse cavities. However, Sharpe says that obtaining such cells from human bone marrow is a painful process. In the next three years, he hopes to identify more-accessible stem cells that may be able to form not only teeth, but also--and more important--roots.

%26quot;If you think about it, you are transplanting a tooth under the soft tissue, in the gums,%26quot; says Sharpe. %26quot;That tooth has to erupt and form roots so it%26#039;s connected. If you can%26#039;t form a root, there%26#039;s no point doing any of it.%26quot;

Indeed, a group of researchers from the University of Southern California (USC) recently regrew tooth roots in pigs using adult stem cells from wisdom teeth. The team, led by Songtao Shi, assistant professor of USC%26#039;s School of Dentistry, isolated stem cells from the extracted wisdom teeth of 18-to-20-year-old humans. From these cells, the researchers successfully recreated a tooth%26#039;s root and periodontal ligament, which, when transplanted into the oral cavity of a pig, could support a synthetic crown. Shi says it is a promising start, and his team hopes to begin human trials within the next few years. Eventually, he envisions being able to isolate stem cells from sources such as wisdom teeth, then store them for future use should the patient require dental attention down the line.

In the next few years, Shi, Sharpe, and others anticipate great strides in the area of tooth regeneration. As Sharpe sees it, the work being done in his field may help researchers in other areas of tissue engineering.

%26quot;I like to think that the fact that we are working on an organ where the surgery is easy to do and accessible will mean we can iron out some of the problems more easily in a patient,%26quot; says Sharpe. %26quot;If we do something in a patient and it doesn%26#039;t work, it%26#039;s very easy to correct: the patient just has to come in and open his mouth. If doing that with a liver or a heart, it%26#039;s not quite so easy. So we might prove certain principles of organ engineering.%26quot;

Using cow teeth to make human teeth?
I%26#039;ll take it if that means I get to chew my cud
Reply:I have heard of cow bone ...


Why monkey no need to brush teeth yet human need?

We (human and monkey) are similar species..yet monkey doesn%26#039;t brush teeth and no gums? What kinda gene make it happen?

Why monkey no need to brush teeth yet human need?
Monkeys eat raw plants and tough fruit, which naturally cleans their teeth. Humans eat soft food which sticks to the teeth and provides a place for bacteria to grow and produce the acid which rots our teeth. Brushing prevents this.
Reply:Google is good

Google is great

Search it on Google

And you won%26#039;t have to wait!

Happy hunting!! And while you%26#039;re %26quot;proper grammar%26quot;
Reply:Humans will survive without brushing if they live in the jungle or in a zoo. But to survive in society, they%26#039;ll need to brush. Otherwise they won%26#039;t be able to mate and hunt for moolah against other humans who are perceived to be cleaner and more hygienic.


What was the archaeological significance of roman teeth and human remains discovered in pompeii?

Romans practiced cremation instead of burrying the body, so before pompeii was covered by volcanic ash, there was none samples of Roman human remains ever, until they discovered some teeth and remains at the pompeii site. But why are the teeth and remains significant to archaeologists? was it used to tell the age, the sex or the race?

What was the archaeological significance of roman teeth and human remains discovered in pompeii?
Skeletal remains, including teeth, can tell us a great deal about the lives of people. We can establish population profiles of average age, health, nutrition, etc. Certain diseases will leave marks on skeletal remains, allowing an analysis of what sort of diseases affected population.

Chemical analysis of bones can also provide further information about nutrition and diet including, in some cases, what sort of foods were favored.

Race is a cultural construct, not a biological reality. While biological anthropologists who study bones do make %26quot;racial%26quot; determinations based on certain stereotypical features, it tends to be on more of a continuum, and is usually also based on what one expects to find in a certain region.
Reply:They want to see how their health was in general. Dental care, nutrition, etc.
Reply:As I recall, they can tell age, sex and race. They say there was warning that Pompeii was going to erupt and the able-bodied adults got out of town while they left slaves/servants to guard their homes; the remains of children and elderly were found in the ruins of Pompeii.

You can tell a lot about people%26#039;s nutrition and longevity by studying the remains.

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Are teeth considered human tissue?

I am doing a science fair project, and need to know if teeth are human tissue so that I can get the correct forms.

Are teeth considered human tissue?

TEETH are stuctures made of tissues.

A tooth has enamel, dentin, cementum, and dental pulp. All of those parts are made up of CELLS structure.

%26gt;%26gt; Enamel is formed by epithelial cells.

%26gt;%26gt; Dentin is a living tissue undergoing cell processes from the pulp creating new dentin and mineralizing it.

%26gt;%26gt;Cementum is the bonelike tissue that covers the roots of the teeth in a thin layer.

%26gt;%26gt; The dental pulp is the soft tissue of the tooth, which develops from the connective tissue of the dental papilla.

Check out this link for more:
Reply:Teeth are bone.
Reply:I would think they are, yes.
Reply:No teeth are bone
Reply:yes. being layered in cell structure and formed within calcium, they would qualify. their structure is somewhat different than skin and bone but layered nonetheless.
Reply:Of course, teeth are human tissue. It contains our DNA. Teeth are not bone.
Reply:I would think so...
Reply:I am pretty sure they are.I read an article on the stem cells from baby teeth being used to repair human tissue.
Reply:teeth are %26quot;structures%26quot; made up of four different layers of human tissue:

enamel, dentin, cementum and pulp

So teeth are made from human tissue, but are maybe not classed as tissue themselves?! make any sense... I like it how Wiki refers to them as structures the whole way through.

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Who thinks that it's rich for Chandler to ask Ross, "Yeah, what was wrong with your old... human teeth?"

In a Friends episode Ross gets his teeth bleached and Chandler asks him the above question, despite Matthew Perry having had quite extensive work carried out on his own teeth.

Who thinks that it%26#039;s rich for Chandler to ask Ross, %26quot;Yeah, what was wrong with your old... human teeth?%26quot;
I remember that episode. It was hilarious. Ross%26#039;s teeth were unnaturally, glaring white! That was the point of the episode. Just like the episode where Ross had the glaring, unnatural suntan when he did not turn at the right times at the fake tan spray booth. Perry%26#039;s personal dental work should have no bearing on Chandler. Perry also went through prescription drug addiction and conquered it. Chandler did not. Actors are allowed their own separate lives. Just a friendly opinion from a Friends fan.
Reply:Ross whitened his teeth and left the stuff on so long they kinda glowed, vv v funny episode lol. funny line 2.

chandleris a character and doesnt knowthat matthew Perry had work done lol
Reply:Its good.... it was a really good one
Reply:OMG. I laughed so hard at that one. Where they were like glowing in the black light. I love when actors make fun of themselves in a round about way.
Reply:I thought that was one of the funniest episodes. It reminded me of the cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland when you could see Ross%26#039;s smile in the dark!
Reply:That excellent
Reply:Do you have a life?

It%26#039;s a TV S H O W...It isn%26#039;t real , you know.

THEY ARE A C T O R S, acting out a script OTHER people have written.

The question YOU should be asking yourself is %26quot;Do I have a life?%26quot;
Reply:i loved that episode..ross%26#039; teeth glowed in his date%26#039;s black light...that cracked me up...and i am sure in real life they all had work done on their teeth when they became stars.
Reply:That episode gave me stitch, where can i get teeth like that. I also loved the one with the spray tan, oh i miss them guys so much.......................
Reply:cant believe people watch such rubbish
Reply:it%26#039;s only a tv programme!!!
Reply:ross had teeth that glowed in the dark, wonder why that would spook anyone out. but ross is a nerd.

chandler%26#039;s my favourite and the funniest, followed by joey. they should have had a chandler and joey spin-off. the joey spin-off was humourless. sack the scripwriters.

all actors have extensive work done to their teeth, models and anyone who can afford it. not so much in britain cos the nhs dentist stink, when you can find one.

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How much would a real headhunter sword with real human teeth go for?

This sword has a small knife attached and the twine is made from the people in the jungle who would soak the twine in their mouth and pull in out through their teeth.

How much would a real headhunter sword with real human teeth go for?
Why, do you have something like that? cuz youre probably sitting on a lot of money. Go to and set up an ebay account if you dont already have one. its free so u got nothing to lose. find out how much its worth. or you can take it to an appraiser.
Reply:depends if you were to auction it. it would who was biding and how bad they wanted it and how much they were willing to spend so its hard to say.

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What can be used in place of human teeth for my daughters science fair project?

my daughter wants to do a project that has to do with teeth. What can she use in place of teeth?

What can be used in place of human teeth for my daughters science fair project?
Although they are barely like teeth at all, people often use egg shells in science fair projects.

Believe it or not, she MIGHT be able to get a couple of teeth from your dentist if you ask...

It would help if you %26quot;add details%26quot; and tell us more about the project and we might come up with better ideas. We have no idea if she just wants some visual props or if she wants to dip the %26quot;tooth%26quot; in Coca Cola or what, so we can%26#039;t give any meaningful suggestions.

People, you may as well tell her to cut them out of construction paper.
Reply:She might be able to sculpt some very realistic teeth using polymer clay (Sculpey, etc.). Good luck to her!
Reply:rocks,pebbles-----look in hobby shop or pet shop------don%26#039;t use real teeth!
Reply:Dentyne Gum worked for a friend we were able to shape them with a razor to make them look so real.
Reply:i agree that she should try to use the air drying clay, can be found in art supply stores.. try to get white clay, or you can paint the clay white once it dries.
Reply:Get a dental mould of your child%26#039;s teeth at the dentist. It might cost a little, but it will be fun for the project. You could just ask if there is one on reserve, too. It%26#039;s like a hard clay form of your teeth and mouth done for braces and other dental needs.

You could get an X-ray done, too.


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