Thursday, April 16, 2009

What is the chemical make up of human teeth?

How would you extract any of the chemicals found in human teeth?

What is the chemical make up of human teeth?
Teeth, like bones, are composed primarily of a mineral compound known as hydroxyapatite. Its structure is

Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2. This is the same material as is found in your bones. There isn%26#039;t much that you can extract from this, as it will dissolve if you add acid to it (which is why drinking very large amounts of carbonated beverages isn%26#039;t good for your teeth). If you do add acid, however, things which over time have gotten absorbed will be released as the hydroxyapatite dissolves.

By the way, the purpose of fluoride toothpaste is that a fluorine atom replaces some of the hydroxyl (the OH) groups in your teeth; this makes them more resistant to acid. The acid, by the way, normally comes from the action of bacteria in your mouth--which is why you should brush your teeth!

There are some other components of teeth like dentin, enamel, etc., but to extract them I think you really have to dissolve the whole tooth in acid.
Reply:Its the same as your other bones. Calcium is the main element I believe.
Reply:are teeth are made of flouried and cacluim are teeths are more stronger than our bouns so it is diffuicult to extract chemical from human teeth .
Reply:Calcareous, which is composed of, containing, or characteristic of calcium carbonate, calcium, or limestone.

The only thing extractable from a tooth is dental pulp it%26#039;s used as a stem cell. I don%26#039;t think you can remove the chemicals which makes up the tooth.

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